Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is included in a session? My session fee covers my booked time, post session hand editing of all your images, and the download & rights of all edited high resolution images included in your gallery

2. How would you describe your style? I think the best way to describe my style is fun & candid - with a few posed images sprinkled in between. I may ask you and your child/partner to sit or stand a certain way or in a particular spot - but I try my best to get you comfortable so that I can capture those genuine fun moments and smiles! I know sometimes a traditional portrait or two is nice as well, so we do make sure to shoot a couple images in that style during your session.

3. Where do you shoot? The short answer is all over! The long answer is that while I am centrally located in Baltimore City - I am an ON LOCATION photographer and I have shot all over Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Anne Arundel County, and Harford County. Parks, downtown city areas, beaches, countryside and farms - you name it! I try and make it easy for clients, so I do my best to choose locations that don't require anyone to be in the car for too long - no one is happy and ready for a portrait session after spending over an hour in a car!

4. How far in advance should I book? For newborn sessions, I ask that parents contact me around 24 - 32 weeks at the most. That being said, I do have an occasional opening here or there in my calendar! With newborns I only schedule a select number of clients per month based on the rest of my workload so it always pays off to book early and secure a spot! For family and child portraits, scheduling opens up in 6 month blocks. Weekends are the first to go! For weekday sessions I advise contacting me 2 - 4 months in advance. 

5. Do you have a travel fee? Travel up to 25 miles from zip code 21224 is free of charge. If would like to shoot outside of that mileage, contact me to discuss location and price!

6. What should I/my family/children wear for our portrait session? Whatever you are most comfortable in! If you are uncomfortable when you put on your "shoot outfit" - it will absolutely show in your photos, so keep that in mind. I have several Pinterest boards I can send my clients specifically detailing outfit combinations, colors, and examples for each season. Sometimes, those visual aides are easier than explaining what works and doesn't work over the phone. If you are still unsure, shoot me a message!

7. Do you have props? I do have a few items I may chose to bring along for shoots where younger children (think under 5 years old) are involved - maybe a rustic chair or a colorful banner for birthday sessions. Cake smash, holiday themes, and newborn sessions are the exception to this, since these are obviously very special and themed, requiring some colorful and over the top props! But my personal style is not one that is overly posed or overly "propped". For newborn sessions I have a large stock of headbands, wraps, outfits, baskets and fillers - for birthday sessions we will discuss a theme ahead of time and plan accordingly. However, if there is something specific you are looking for or a theme you would like for ANY shoot, feel free to let me know and we can discuss options! 

8. Can we change outfits? I do NOT recommend outfit changes during mini sessions, specifically because we are already working with a short time frame. We don't want to take away any time from shooting! With standard bookings, 2 outfits per person are allowed.

9. Are there additional charges to receive my images? Absolutely not! Your paid session includes the download of your entire edited high resolution gallery. However, should you lose or misplace your download and it is PAST the 60 day online gallery mark, there is a $100 archival fee. I send out hard copy CD's to clients who need a copy of their session files once they have been archived. I do NOT re - upload galleries once they have been taken offline.

10. Are all the images included in my gallery edited? Of course! I hand edit every single one. That means I go image by image, one at a time - color correcting and enhancing it to its perfect and final state.

11. Are rights released to me? I release full but not exclusive rights to my clients. What that means, is that once you have downloaded your images - they are yours to do with as you wish! I do however retain copyright, which allows me to use your images for marketing, promotional and business material usage.

12. Can I see the "outtakes" or images that don't make it into my gallery? The images selected for editing and included in your gallery are the cream of the crop - I truly only leave out the "eyes closed, awkward pose, arm folded badly, flash didnt fire, lighting was too harsh" outtakes. If there is a series of images with you and your child laughing together for instance, I will include everything except a true duplicate. The images not selected to be included in your gallery are not archived, and therefore not available for viewing.

13. How long will my gallery be available online? Your gallery stays live for a minimum of 30 days after password delivery. After 30 days, I reserve the right to take down your gallery at any time to make room for additional galleries. Past the 60 day mark, there is a $100 archival fee for copies of the files from your session. 

14. How long do you keep my images? I archive every single one of my sessions, so they will be saved indefinitely! But again, once your gallery has been taken offline, there is an archival fee for digital galleries to be resent to clients.

15. What is the turn around time for receiving my images? You will receive your images approximately 3 weeks after our shoot. It is an approximation - after all, photography IS art! I take my time with your images and hand edit every single one. That means that I treat each image individually, color correct and enhance every single one! I want my clients to be confident with each image out of their gallery, so that it could be hung as a stand alone portrait regardless of what image(s) you decide to print and hang. Wedding images are delivered at 12 weeks.


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